The QWGHLM Association

The QWGHLM Association is the principal domain of The QWGHLM Association -- an organisation established to provide networked services to its members. The association is run by a group known colloquially as the Cabal.

Cabal Members

The members of the Cabal are:

You can also contact the whole Cabal by email.

Services provides services to friends, family and supporters of the Cabal. The services available include:

A full account with shell access costs £36 per annum. Full accounts are only granted to individuals who have proven both their identity and trustworthiness to the Cabal; these credentials are usually provided in the form of two references from current Cabal/association members. If you would like to apply for an account, send an email to the cabal.


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Secure Shell Access

Access to shell accounts requires SSH (a communication program similar to 'telnet' but with encrypted sessions and secure authentication). The Cabal recommend the following clients:


The QWGHLM Association runs a certificate authority.

All information regarding the issuing of certificates can be found on the certificate authority site.

The QWGHLM Association

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